5 Card Stud vs 5 Card Draw Part 2

Five Card Stud Poker

Even though you may think this variant is similar to the previous one based on their names, Five Card Stud actually resembles Seven Card Stud much more. In fact, those two are sister games.

As opposed to Five Card Draw, this variant allows up to ten players. As for the deck, it contains 52 cards, much like all the standard games. However, instead of getting five cards at once, every player is dealt two. The dealer gives you one of them face-up, whilst the other one is a hole card.

The player who has the highest face up card opens the betting round. In case two or more of them have the same one, the player sitting closest to the dealer e wallet casino singapore opens the round.

Much like in Five Card Draw, you can make standard poker moves. Afterward, another three cards are dealt to each player, followed by three more betting rounds each.

The game ends with a showdown, with each remaining player revealing their hole card. If you have come this far, and you happen to have one of the high hands, it may just be the highest one of all.

Differences and Similarities

As you can see, the two variants of poker are rather different. The number of cards both Five Card Draw player and Five Card Stud player aim for is five. Nevertheless, the first one gets them all at the beginning of the game, whereas the second one requires one to wait until the fourth betting round to complete their hand. In addition to that, Five Card Draw, as the name itself suggests, allows you to replace some of your cards, facilitating your chase after the high hands.

Nevertheless, being variations of poker, these two online casino betting Singapore games have similarities as well. Poker hand ranking remains the same, with royal flush being the highest hand. It is followed by straight flush, four of a kind, full house, flush, straight, three of a kind, two pair, pair, and the high card. The moves you can make are also the same. You can choose to check, call, raise or fold, depending on the combination of cards you got.

Choose Your Favorite

Whether you prefer gambling at a brick-and-mortar casino to staying at home or vice versa, you can play these poker variants we have compared. By playing at a casino, you play against the house. At home, you can have your friends as opponents or play online poker. Whatever your choice may be, make sure not to confuse one version with the other. Make a mental list of characteristics of each one to make it easier for yourself to recognize the differences and similarities. Decide which one you like better — the older or the newer variant, or to mix things up and play both if you want to incorporate some diversity into your gambling routine.